10 things not to do on an ebike

10 Things Not to do on an eBike

There’s a ton you can do on an eBike, but here are 10 things you probably shouldn’t do:

10 things not to do on an ebike

10. Don’t gloat when passing slower riders.

It’s hard not to feel smug when you’re charging up that hill while everyone else looks so miserable – but try not to gloat! It’s unseemly, and will just make those struggling riders feel even worse about how long it’s taking them to climb that hill.

9. Don’t slap that cute fanny in spandex as you whiz by.

One (or many) of the cyclist you’re speeding past may be out for a training ride. Though they’ll probably tell you they had a good time once they’re back home enjoying an ice-cold Michelob Ultra, right now they probably look miserable. It may be tempting to try to cheer one up with some good old locker room encouragement, but please refrain. Not only might it make the roadie mad, you’ll probably also mess up his cadence.

8. Even though you’ll feel 16 again, don’t forget that you’re not!

One of the great gifts of eBikes is eternal youth. (Or at least the feeling of eternal youth!) Even though you may feel as spry as you ever were as a teen, remember to stretch before hopping on your bike – and don’t try to bunny-hop that curb like you used to when you were a kid. Collar bones don’t heal as quickly these days!

7. Don’t get mad if someone tells you you’re “cheating.”

Hey, man! eBike riders are lovers, not cheaters! Besides, if you really wanted to you could turn off the pedal assist and get a workout in. But when you’re having this much fun, why would you?

6. Don’t get annoyed if someone tells you an eBike isn’t a “real” bike. 

If it looks like a bike, pedals like a bike, and happens to have a motor . . . well, it’s a bike. Don’t try to explain this to unbelievers, however – they’ll probably just stay set in their ways. Instead, just say, “You’re right, it’s a joy machine!” and zip on by.

5. Don’t try to dispute it when someone remarks how expensive eBikes are.

Sure, you could whip out spreadsheets that prove how even though your initial investment was higher than that junker your friend is riding, the amount you’ve saved on gas, parking, and oil changes is well worth it. But why bother? Instead, just invite them out for coffee with all the money you’ve saved!

4. Don’t taunt a lycra-wearing bike snob.

The lycra crowd may not look too tough, but remember: these guys are athletes and can probably kick your ass. Instead, just give a little wave as you leave him in the dust.

3. Don’t taunt a group of lycra-wearing bike snobs.

You may be able to outrun one roadie on your eBike, but a peloton (aka “biker gang”) can hit speeds of about 20-25% higher than a single rider due to drafting. If you’re feeling charitable, you might offer to lead the charge for a little while. Who knows? You might win a few converts over to the dark side of eBikes!

2. Don’t try to convince a hardcore bicycle purist that they should get an eBike.

The hardcore bicycle purist is that friend who claims he wouldn’t be caught dead on a bicycle with a battery. There’s no argument you can bring up here that’ll do any good, so don’t waste your breath. In this situation it’s best just to lead by example. They’ll figure it out themselves when they’re older and smarter, once they realize just how much fun you’re having.

1. Don’t worry about what people think of eBikes.

You know what you like, and you’re having a blast – your smile will prove all those nay-sayers wrong! Anytime you’re tempted to worry about what anyone else thinks, just go for a ride instead. From the minute you get going you’ll feel like a million bucks, and that’s really all that matters. Just go out there and have fun!

Do you have something to add to this list? We’d love to hear your suggestions – leave ’em in the comments!

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