6 Tips for Keeping Your eBike Safe and Secure

While electric bikes have gotten more affordable over the years since their introduction, their price still makes them an investment that needs to be protected. To take care of your eBike, you might need to think through security a bit more than a standard bike would require. With that said, we’ve gathered six tips to help you keep your eBike safe and secure. At The eBike Store, we offer a wide range of eBike accessories, from locks and baskets to bags and helmets. Either stop by our shop in Portland or peruse our selection online to find the perfect accessory for your electric bike!

-Park in Public

It might be tempting to park your bike out of sight, but this makes it an ideal target for thieves. When they see something out of the public eye, it emboldens them to take it, as they know there won’t be witnesses to see them do it. Instead, choose a public place to park your eBike to deter thieves. Breaking a bike lock takes time and is much more difficult to do when there are a lot of people around. Avoid leaving your electric bike parked somewhere overnight, because even if you chose a highly-populated area, there will be fewer people watching at night, and the thief will have the cover of darkness to hide their efforts
When choosing a place to lock your bike up, stick to secure items where you can make it as difficult as possible to steal. Obviously, a bike rack that is solidly attached to the concrete will be your best bet. While a tree, street sign, or street light can be good options, you need to make sure your eBike can’t be lifted over the thing you attached it to. Parking meters are a bad option for this reason. A solid fence can work, but don’t choose a chain-link fence since it can easily be cut by an enterprising thief.

-Be Respectful

When choosing a public place to lock up your bike, it’s important to be respectful of people who will be walking by. Some spots may look good at first, but your bike might cause too much congestion in a high-traffic area. When your eBike is in the way of pedestrians on a sidewalk, it will put it in danger of getting knocked over and damaged. This is especially important to keep in mind when you’re locking up multiple bikes, as they can take up a lot of space.

-Lock Your Helmet

One of the ways you can make your bike more secure is by routing your bike lock through the vents of your helmet. Not only does that make it more difficult to break, it also keeps your helmet safe when you can’t bring it with you. While most people haven’t had their helmet stolen, it’s a good safety measure when you’re in an area where the risk of theft is high. It’s doubtful many people would really want to steal a used helmet, but it’s still a good idea to protect yourself and your things when you can.

-Detach Accessories

If your eBike has detachable accessories, it’s a good idea to remove them when you lock your bike up. Items like lights and displays are often easy to remove and small enough you can throw them in a messenger bag or backpack to take with you. It’s also a good idea to have a plan for how to carry items with you while you ride. Some locks come with an attachment you can install on your bike for easy storage, while other people use cargo bags or baskets. These items are helpful because they give you an option for storage so you don’t have to worry about juggling them while you ride.

-Different Locks

While it is definitely possible to use the same lock for all eBike security needs, you can use different ones for different situations. Use a sturdy, strong bike lock when you’re going to be parking for an extended period of time (like at work) to ensure its security. A lighter bike lock is a great option for short trips like errands, because you won’t be locking it up long enough for someone to steal it. This also reduces the weight you’re carrying on your ride, making for a more enjoyable trip. You can even keep your heavier lock at work so you don’t have to worry about hauling it back and forth every day.

-Serial Numbers/GPS Tracking

Beyond your standard bike locks, there are other security measures you should take to protect yourself and your property. The first of which is recording your electric bike’s serial number, which may be located on your bike at the rear wheel mount, seat tube, under crank, or head tube. When you have this easily accessible, you can provide it to the police in the event your eBike was stolen to make tracking it down much easier. Additionally, many eBikes have begun to add GPS tracking as an added security measure. Most of these programs are accessible through a smartphone or computer and show you exactly where your bike is on a map. If your eBike doesn’t have this functionality, it might be worth it to invest in an accessory to make tracking your bike easier.

It’s important to take the proper steps to secure your property and we hope you’ve found this to be a helpful resource. If you’re looking for a new, heavy-duty bike lock or you just want to see what kind of storage options are out there, check out The eBike Store’s selection. We carry eBike accessories and gear that will fit all of your needs. You can find more online or in our Portland storefront. We hope to see you soon!

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