A Few Basic Tips For eBike Commuting In Portland

Did you know that over 6 percent of all Portland commuters elect to get to work by bike? That figure comes directly from PBOT, the Portland Bureau of Transportation. As of 2017, the 6-percent figure can be converted into well over 22,000 bike commuters in Portland alone! Given the ever-increasing popularity of biking to work, which includes eBiking to work, we can only assume that the sum total of bikers is approaching 30,000 — if it hasn’t passed that number already!

As avid electric bicyclists ourselves, not to mention our being owners of The eBike Store in downtown Portland, the fact that so many folks are beginning and ending their work days by being active, helping the environment, and doing their part to cut down on the Portland traffic congestion issue. And seeing as how we are firmly entrenched in the Portland eBike scene, we thought we would offer up a few tips for all the Portland eBike commuters who might be new to the game.


Tips For Bicycle Commuting

As today’s blog title no doubt gave away, we are offering up a few tips for eBike commuting Portland! Truth be told, many of these tips can be applied to traditional commuting by bike, but seeing as how we are electric bike specialists, keep in mind that our language will be more geared toward eBike commuters.

That being said, keep reading to glean a few tricks of the trade!

Ride Your Route Beforehand

Whether you are riding an eBike or not, we recommend traveling your commute, there and back, at least once prior to doing it when you are actually going to work. Why? It might take you a lot longer than you expected, so you’ll need to adjust and leave a certain number of minutes earlier. Likewise, you might not be in as good of shape as you had presumed, which means that you might need to get into “commuting condition,” if indeed your route is particularly hilly or lengthy. While most of this would seem like common sense, don’t learn why the hard way! It’s far superior to learn that you were right about your fitness levels than to discover it on a Monday morning where you are already running late for a meeting!

Don’t Burn Yourself Out

eBike riders and traditional bicyclists have this in common too, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first blush; we all can get burnt out if we try to do too much too soon. Even if you are letting your electric bicycle do most of the heavy lifting for you, there’s an adjustment period. Who knows, you might fall in love with commuting by bike and end up never driving to work a day again in your life! But, if you are like most of us, you should feel free to gradually work your way into the eBike commuting lifestyle. We think this approach is more sustainable, which is great news for your health, without forgetting about the health of the planet as well!

Lock It Up

Perhaps you’ve never been so unfortunate as to have experienced a bicycle being stolen from you. It’s a terrible feeling, and not one that we’d like anyone to know. Sadly, there are jerks everywhere in the world, and some of them are clever thieves! And while no bike lock is unbreakable, a good way to dissuade bike thieves is by having one that is reliable. What’s more, make sure you know how to use your bike lock properly. One lock needs to be on the frame, while a cable lock belongs on the wheels, if they happen to be attached by quick-release skewers of some kind. Finally, it’s vital to ensure your bike is in as safe of a location as possible. Putting it in a poorly lit alley is naturally inferior to making sure it’s visible, in case anyone were to try to mess with it.

Check Your Lights!

As you can tell from the handy little graphic we’ve provided, there are plenty of tips worth considering, many of which we haven’t had time to get to in today’s blog. Obviously, learning hand signals, getting the correct gear and accessories, and scouting your route beforehand are all important, but checking to make sure your bike lights work is what we’d like to highlight before we say goodbye.

Our two cents is that even if you don’t anticipate needing a light, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your safety. Just like wearing a helmet, it’s crucial to always have a bike light to help make you more visible. Also, lights help you see in the dark — it’s amazing. So if you do commute via bike, you never know if you’ll have a meeting run late or if something else comes up.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at commuting by bike in Portland. We are thrilled that so many people are using their electric bikes to get to and from work since there are so many benefits to doing so!

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