Avoiding Downtown Portland Traffic With Your Electric Bike

It’s no secret that traffic in Downtown Portland has gotten worse over the last several years. Not just during rush hour, either — although we have to admit that you are much more likely to get caught in a standstill on I-5 during typical rush hours than you might be otherwise.

But it’s not just the freeways that are giving Portland commuters issues; congestion at major intersections, on bridges, and in arterials has worsened according to data collected by the Southwest Washington Regional Transportation System. “This is similar to pouring water through a funnel, if you pour too much water all at once it’s going to back up and overflow on you,” senior transportation planner Dale Robins said. “What we’re doing is we’re putting too many cars across the bridges at one time.”

The congestion isn’t only impacting private vehicles either. C-Tran’s commuter service travel time has also been affected during the peak traffic hours. For example, buses that travel from Fisher’s Landing Transit Center should ideally arrive in downtown Portland in 26 minutes, but the reality is that it’s typically taking around 40. This leads to commuters leaving earlier to attempt to beat the gridlock. Ironically, such activity contributes to the hours of congestion being spread out for longer periods. New bridges are a proposed solution, but such a project would take a vast amount of resources and planning. Other potential solutions involve giving buses more priority to navigate through traffic, but that would likely involve widening roads to clear a route for them. It’s not impossible, but it’s probably beyond the scope of this blog post to break down the feasibility of such options!

What Can We Do?

If you are a Portland commuter, the above information is probably less than novel for you. Nevertheless, it’s the reality in which we live. But one option for commuters who work in Downtown Portland is to go the route of the electric bike.

An Alternative: The Electric Bike

To the uninitiated, electric bikes are a fantastic option because you don’t necessarily have to pedal to engage the motor (throttle-activates bikes do not require pedaling, whereas pedal-activated bikes do). Either way, however, you won’t arrive at your place of work drenched in sweat. If your round-trip commute is about 30 miles or less, every electric bike we carry at The eBike Store can make it there-and-back on a single charge. Plus, some of the eBike models we carry can be recharged by the pedaling itself! Plus, electronic bikes are an eco-friendly method of travel, which is always a good thing!

The eBike Store

Since 2009, the eBike Store has been Portland’s top source for electric bikes for sale and rent. In fact, we are Portland’s very first all-electric bike shop, with a passion for providing a vast selection of electric bicycles from top brands. If you are looking for a way to commute in a way that doesn’t involve gas guzzling or getting way too sweaty before your workday begins, we recommend taking a look at our eBikes — with top brands that include Benno, Gazelle, Raleigh, Stromer, Tern, Yuba, and Specialized!

Avoid the gridlock, and the sweat. Shop our electric bikes in Portland!

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