Riding an eBike with Your Dog: Part One

As you can tell by our name, at The eBike Store, we’re passionate about electric bicycles. What you might not know is we’re also passionate about our dogs! There’s nothing better than hitting the trail with your furry friend at your side, ready for adventure. You may think that an eBike’s motor would make it […]

How Does An eBike Work?

With more people every day making the decision to reduce their carbon footprint, bicycles are surging in popularity. Unfortunately, due to the strain a standard bicycle can cause, it’s not an option everyone can take advantage of. Luckily, electric bicycles allow riders of any skill level to make an energy efficient choice when it comes […]

10 eBike Myths Debunked

With electric bikes gaining popularity, some misinformation has popped up. We’ve gathered some of the biggest eBike myths that we’ve heard so we can clear up any misconceptions you might have heard. If you are interested in testing out an eBike to see if it’s the right fit for you, call us at, The eBike […]

What You Should Know Before You Buy Your First eBike

When you’ve made the exciting decision to buy your first eBike, there can be a lot of questions that will crop up. In our experience, there are important things first-timers should know before they get started. If you keep this list in mind when you start shopping, it will help make sure you find the […]

Why You Should Start Your Year With An eBike

The year has begun, and you’ve got a long list of resolutions staring back at you. Whether you want to start working out more or you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, an electric bicycle is a perfect addition to your life. We’ve gathered some great benefits you can look forward to when you start […]

An Intro To Electric Bikes

In recent years, electric bikes have gained more and more popularity as many people look to reduce their carbon footprint. With that in mind, we’d like to give a bit of a primer on electric bikes, while answering some frequently asked questions. If you’re looking to get your first electric bicycle, look no further than […]

john economaki

Spotlight: John Economaki

Check out our in-depth interview with John Economaki, where we talk to him about where he rides, what he likes most about eBikes, and why he bought one from The eBike Store!

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0% Interest for 12 Months – OAC!

We are super excited to be able to offer 0% interest for 12 months on new eBikes at The eBike Store! Of course, it is on approval of credit. Here is how it works: Come on in and find an eBike you like Fill out a short application We enter in your application to the secured […]

10 things not to do on an ebike

10 Things Not to do on an eBike

There’s a ton you can do on an eBike, but here are 10 things you probably shouldn’t do: 10. Don’t gloat when passing slower riders. It’s hard not to feel smug when you’re charging up that hill while everyone else looks so miserable – but try not to gloat! It’s unseemly, and will just make those […]

eBike Tour Portland

Introducing Guided Tours: See Portland by eBike!

Portland and bikes go together like peanut butter and jelly – until you’ve seen our fair city by bicycle, you’re missing out on one of the great Portland experiences. Touring Portland by bicycle gives you a brand new outlook. The only thing better would be pedaling through Portland with an experienced tour guide!