Rent An Electric Bike To Visit These Portland Attractions!

In recent blogs, we’ve bounced around from topic to topic quite a bit. At times we’ve written about eBike tours in Portland, at others what our customers say about the eBike Store (the original and premiere electric bike shop in Portland, in case you were wondering), and other eBikey topics.  Today we will remain eBikey, […]

Electric Bikes vs. Regular Bikes

Almost everybody can remember that first time they got on a bicycle. Most of us start out with a little bike, complete with training wheels and a full armor set of elbow guards, a helmet, and knee pads. It’s such a rush and marks and significant milestone in a kid’s life. It’s a sort of […]

What Our Customers Are Saying about the eBike Store in Portland

Alright, let’s get one thing clear: today’s blog isn’t like most electric bike blogs you’ve read. Heck, it’s not like any of the ones we have written either. Why? Excellent question. It’s because today we take the opportunity to let our satisfied and loyal customers do a bit of marketing for us. As the title […]

Mother’s Day Activities in Portland – Rent an eBike & Moms Ride Free!

Mother’s Day is almost here, folks. And you know what that means, right? It’s time for that annual, last-minute scramble to find a decent gift — a tradition you’ve grown accustomed to. But despite your familiarity with procrastination, it rarely yields the best results in terms of the quality of gifts your mother receives. A […]

A Few Basic Tips For eBike Commuting In Portland

Did you know that over 6 percent of all Portland commuters elect to get to work by bike? That figure comes directly from PBOT, the Portland Bureau of Transportation. As of 2017, the 6-percent figure can be converted into well over 22,000 bike commuters in Portland alone! Given the ever-increasing popularity of biking to work, […]

Spotlight: Specialized eBikes in Portland & Beyond!

Welcome back to the one and only blog of The eBike Store — Portland’s first and premier electric bike shop, conveniently located in downtown Portland! In a few of our most recent posts, we’ve taken the opportunity to highlight the range of electric bikes we carry, in addition to offering our two cents about why […]

Top eBike Brands For Sale At the eBike Store In Portland

In our last post, we put together a quick breakdown of the various eBike styles we carry here at Portland’s original and premier electric bike store, The eBike Store. From comfort and mountain eBikes to electric road bikes and eBikes with extra cargo space, we’ve got folks in Portland covered. Keep in mind we also […]

A Beginner’s Guide to eBikes

Most people don’t realize that electric bikes appeared not too long after the original bicycle was invented. The electric bike was invented as early as the late 19th century by Ogden Bolton Jr. In December 1895, Bolton Jr. received U.S. Patent 552,271 for his bicycle that moved without the rider pedaling! Drawing from the power […]

A Few Interesting Facts (and Myths) about E-Bikes

The eBike Store in Portland is Portland’s first electric bike store. You’ll find that we introduce many a blog with that fact, mostly because we are very proud of it. But there is more to our e-bike store than simply being first to set up shop in Portland — we want to be the first […]

The History of the eBike – Electric Bike Facts

Welcome back to The eBike Store’s official blog space! We are Portland’s first all-electric bike shop, having been founded in 2009 by Wake Gregg. We have a passion for providing our Portland customers with a wide selection of electric bikes for rent and sale. We carry well-known, reliable eBike brands, in addition to providing dedicated […]