Back in 2009, Wake Gregg founded The eBike Store as Portland’s first all-electric bike shop. With a wide range of electric bicycles from many of the best brands in the industry, we believe there is an eBike for everyone. Not only does our storefront have these bikes for sale and rent, we also offer maintenance to make sure your electric bike works as well on day 365 as it did on day one. You can also take one of our guided tours around Portland with our knowledgeable tour guide Sarah Bott, former spokesperson of Mayor Vera Katz as well as the water bureau, Parks and Recreation Department, and the Oregon Environmental Protection Agency.

eBike Services

An electric bicycle is just like anything else; it needs regular maintenance to operate properly. With that in mind, The eBike Store offers high-quality service that’ll ensure your eBike is in peak condition. We want your electric bike to be reliable and fun for years to come. There’s a great deal of pride in keeping your bike maintained and ready for everyday use. You can trust that your eBike is in good hands when you bring it to The eBike Store for service. We offer various eBike tune-up packages:

  • Safety Check: $29

    Inspect and Adjust Brakes; Inspect and Inflate Tires; Inspect Handlebars and Forks; Tighten Axles; Verify Rideability of eBike; and a Road Test.

  • Standard Tune: $84.95

    29 Point Safety Inspection; Inspect, Lubricate, and Adjust Brakes; Inspect and Lubricate All Cables; Inspect, Adjust and Lubricate Drivetrain; Laterally True Front and Rear Tires; Tighten All Nuts and Bolts to Factory Specified Torque; Labor for Replacing Worn Parts Included; Road Test; Replacement Parts Additional; Hydraulic Brake Bleeding for $35/Brake

  • Deluxe Tune: $124.95

    Clean and Polish eBike (up to 30 mins); 29 Point Safety Inspection; Adjust Headset; Inspect, Lubricate, and Adjust Brakes; Inspect and Lubricate All Cables; Inspect, Adjust and Lubricate Drivetrain; Laterally True Front and Rear Tires; Tighten All Nuts and Bolts to Factory Specified Torque; Labor for Replacing Worn Parts Included; Road Test; Replacement Parts Additional; Hydraulic Brake Bleeding for $35/Brake

  • Overhaul: $249.95

    Remove All Components from eBike; Deep Clean and Polish Frame; Apply Framesaver to Inside of Frame (Steel Frames Only); Clean Components in Solvent Bath; Inspect and Lubricate All Components; Repack Bearings; Reassembly

Service Packages

We also offer service packages to ensure your electric bike is working year round. Those eBike service packages come in two varieties:

  • Gold Errand Runner: $195

    One Full Tune-Up Per Year; As-Needed Adjustments; Free Flat Repair (up to 10 repairs per year); 24/7 Roadside Assistance

  • Platinum Commuter: $285

    One Full eBike Tune-Up Per Year; As-Needed Adjustments; Free Flat Repair (up to 10 repairs per year); 24/7 Roadside Assistance; Tune-Up Upgraded to Overhaul; 10 percent Discount on Accessories and Parts (not applicable for sale items). We also offer general services to our loyal customers on an hourly basis. If you bought your eBike at The eBike Store in downtown Portland, your services will be $70 per hour. If you purchased your eBike elsewhere, we still offer general services for $100 per hour. Save money and buy your electric bicycle from The eBike Store! Check out the full details of our Service Membership Plans and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Benefits of Being a Member

We think there are some pretty great benefits you get from becoming a member with us at Portland’s premier electric bike shop. Here are just a few of those benefits:

  • Have peace of mind that your bike will be repaired by someone that takes great pride in what they do.
  • Save money on electric bike services in the long run with our discounted member prices.
  • Ensure your eBike gets the regular maintenance it needs to work well for many years.
  • Save you money on parts and accessories you’d have to pay more for elsewhere.

Improve your eBike’s performance so it can handle whatever you throw at it.

Why Choose an eBike?

You may think we’re a bit biased, and maybe we are, but we just don’t think there’s a better way to get around than on the seat of an electric bicycle. Not only is it incredibly energy efficient, it’s a great way to get out into the great outdoors. Experienced bike riders acclimate to an electric bike very easily, and many of them feel a new sense of freedom thanks to the pedal assist motor. Picking up the slack if you need a rest or giving you that extra power to conquer that hill, an electric bike’s motor lets you go further than you could before. It’s an ideal way to enjoy everything that cycling has to offer, while taking away many of the drawbacks associated with biking around a hilly city like Portland.

While you might think that an eBike would require a lot of electricity to run, you would be surprised that for most batteries it doesn’t cost more than about $0.12 for a full charge. Every electric bike that we sell can travel 12-30 miles on a single charge. When you need to recharge, it’s as easy as plugging it into a standard household plug with the included charger. Depending on the battery size, 5 -10 hours later you’re fully charged and ready to go.

Electric Bicycle Tours Around Portland

Portland is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world, and, if you ask us, there’s no better way to see all the sights than on the back of an electric bicycle. The eBike Store offers many different guided tours for you to explore the city with someone who knows it well. No matter if you’re an out-of-towner or you’ve lived here your whole life, there’s always something new to see and experience!

Downtown Portland & Washington Park Rose Garden Loop

Take a trip on the N. Vancouver & N. Williams Bicycle Corridor, one of the busiest bike corridors in the city that takes you right through the heart of downtown Portland. Check out the historical and impressive Steel Bridge as you ride through its lower deck, away from road traffic. Coast through the Pearl District and pop into some of the most trendy shops featuring Portland’s entrepreneurial spirit on full display. Be sure you check out Powell’s City of Books while you’re there, to see one of the biggest and most impressive book stores around. Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers when you ride over to the Washington Park International Rose Test Garden. Before it’s all over, you’ll take a trip across the beautiful mile-and-a-half long Vera Katz Eastbank Esplanade, where you’ll see lots of art done by locals and beautiful plants native to Portland. This is a Portland eBike tour option well worth your consideration.

Springwater Corridor & Sellwood Loop

The scenic Springwater Corridor guides you alongside the beautiful Willamette River. This tour will take you by the charming Oaks Amusement Park, one of the oldest operating amusement parks in America, with history stretching back to 1905. If you’re a fan of historical architecture, you will be blown away by the Oaks Pioneer Church, which was built back in 1851. You might not believe it, but that building moved three times, including once on a barge up the Willamette River! Riding through Downtown Sellwood, you’ll see beautiful boutiques, fresh food, and gorgeous gardens all around. Then you’ll have a chance to explore the beautiful Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, which is a bird-watchers’ haven.

Central Eastside & Mt. Tabor Park Loop

Right in the heart of Portland’s oldest residential area, Ladd’s Addition, you’ll find one of the most picturesque rose gardens around. Lined with trees, this is the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon day. After checking out the roses, ride on down the Lincoln Street Bike Boulevard and take a gander at the scenery. Then you’ll get to see one of the most stunning sights: Mt. Tabor, a city park located on an extinct volcanic butte. This is a park that you’re going to want to bring your camera for.

N. Portland, St. John’s, & Cathedral Park Loop

Ride along on Willamette Boulevard and cruise on by the University of Portland. You’ll be taken aback by the St. John’s Bridge, still holding strong since 1929. When it was built, it was the longest suspension bridge west of the Mississippi River, along with many other records at the time. At the end of that historic bridge, you’ll find Cathedral Park. A quiet park just off the Willamette River, this is the perfect destination to relax and scope out a beautiful landscape. You can even get a close-up look of the St. John’s Bridge, giving you a chance to see all of the detail that goes into its architecture.

South Waterfront & Pearl District Loop

Another chance to check out Steel Bridge and the Pearl District, this tour makes a special stop off at Tom McCall Waterfront Park. There’s nothing like Cherry Blossom season at the waterfront. You’ll also have an opportunity to take the unique OHSU Tram, an aerial tramway that is unlike any commute you’ve taken before. This tour also includes a ride on the Eastbank Esplanade, where you’ll see a beautiful view of the Portland skyline.

Custom Portland eBike Tours

If your group wants to take a tour around Portland with a theme centered around your interests, The eBike Store can help you! We can curate a custom electric bike tour that takes you around to all the hip shops, tasty gastropubs, or scenic parks in Portland. No matter your group’s interests, we can make it happen. Our tour guide was the spokesperson for Mayor Vera Katz and the Parks and Recreation Department, so you can be sure she knows her stuff!

Electric Bike Rentals in Portland

Electric bicycles are growing in popularity with every passing year, and that’s certainly the case here in Portland. At The eBike Store, we want everyone to experience the joy of riding an electric bike. That’s why we offer eBike rentals to give you a taste of the fun you could have with one. We also give you options for how long you want to rent the eBike of your choosing.

Rental Options

All of our Portland electric bicycle rentals include a helmet, bike lock, and, if necessary, a charger. Your options for rental periods are:

  • ‘Til the Shop Closes (6:30 PM on Monday, Thursday, and Friday; 5:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday) – $35
  • Eight Hours – $50
  • 24 Hours – $70
  • Three Days – $99

We give you this range of options so you can get the most out of your time with an eBike. Whether you want to just test it out for a day in the city or you want to test it out on your work commute to see what it can do, you have options.

Why Rent?

With different models riding differently, it’s important that you test out an eBike to make sure it suits your needs. Renting gives you a chance to put an electric bike through its paces and see what it can handle. If you’re looking to cut down on your carbon footprint by biking to work instead of driving, you can take one of our bikes to see how it operates somewhere you’re familiar with. Does it have a large enough battery? Can it tackle that big hill you have to climb over? A test drive is the best way to find out. An eBike is an investment, so it’s important you choose a model that you’re going to be happy with. For reference, however, most of our eBikes can go a full 24-30 miles on a single charge. For downtown commuters in the vicinity of their place of work, traveling to and from work with an eBike everyday might be a great way to avoid the gridlock — and the sweat that comes from riding a traditional bicycle.

If you rent a bike from The eBike Store and decide that you want to get your own, we will apply your rental fee — up to $99 — toward the purchase of a new electric bicycle. With that sort of discount, it’s easier than ever to find the fun and efficient eBike of your dreams. We encourage you to test it out, tackle those hills, and see if it makes your commute faster, more comfortable, and more fun.

Great for Day Trips

If you just want a healthy way to get around the city for the day, one of our shorter rental periods is the perfect fit for you. Take it out for an afternoon of shopping and sightseeing to add exercise to your day. You’re going to get more out of your experience on an eBike, since it gives you a closer look at the beauty Portland holds. Because electric bicycles have a pedal assist, you’re not going to get as tired biking around the city, which means you can get more out of your day. If you ask us, taking an eBike around the streets of Portland and checking out the beautiful parks and awesome architecture is the best way to spend a day.

Shop electric bikes in Portland from The eBike Store today!