Get Your Private eBike Tour of Portland

It’s been a little while since we’ve had the opportunity to blog to our eBike enthusiasts out there — sorry for the tardiness! 

To briefly recap what we’ve covered over the last few months, in June we highlighted the key differences between electric bikes and regular bikes. In May, we took the opportunity to let our satisfied customers do a bit of marketing on our behalf, as we looked at what our customers are saying about the eBike Store in Portland. Prior to that, we highlighted a few Mother’s Day activities in Portland, chief of which was renting an eBike so that moms ride free!

The latter of those three blogs serves as a lovely segway for our topic in today’s blog: our Portland electric bike tours and why you and yours should definitely consider choosing the eBike Store as your eBike tour guides!

What To Expect

First thing’s first: eBike tours aren’t like other kinds of tours. This isn’t a museum tour, obviously, but it’s also not an especially physically taxing kind of tour either, as you’ll be on electric bikes the entire time. Naturally, this allows you to stop thinking about how tired all the pedaling makes you, so you can experience the beauty of Portland’s attractions carefree!

On the other hand, this isn’t a Segway scooter tour either. Nothing against Segways, but if we are honest with ourselves, folks on those tours don’t exactly blend in with the locals. Yes, you all know what we are talking about. And while you might not look like a native downtown Portlander while you are on your eBike tour, you don’t have to worry about what others are thinking about your group’s vibe while you take in the beauty of Portland. 

Explore Portland Like A Local

When you tour Portland in an eBike, you don’t need to worry about fitness levels, distance, or the hilly terrain. We offer reliable, pedal-assisted bikes so you can enjoy your time seeing the sites. You can go a full 50 miles on an eBike using a single charge, and during the 2 ½ hour electric bike tour of the city, you’ll be sure to get your time and money’s worth! 

If you are interested in an intimate tour of Portland, with just your party and a knowledgeable guide, The eBike Store’s eBike tour is certainly worth your consideration. 

Below, we’ll highlight important information about our tours:

  • Led by an experienced, knowledgeable former Portland spokesperson
  • Usually, special requests can be accommodated in advance
  • Electric bike rental packages are available with locks and helmets always included
  • All tours begin and end at The eBike Store, Inc., 809 N Rosa Parks Way, Portland, OR, 97217
  • Travelers should have some degree of physical fitness before going on the tour
  • Minimum age is 18 years old
  • Confirmation is received within 48 hours of booking, and is subject to availability
  • Not wheelchair accessible
  • The eBike Store is near public transportation
  • The tour is not recommended for travelers with back problems, who are pregnant, have heart problems, or other serious medical conditions
  • Full refunds are offered if you cancel a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the start date of the Portland electric bike tour

Electric Bikes For Sale In Portland

Experiencing all that the Pearl District, Forest Park, and the rest of downtown Portland has to offer — on an eBike — is truly something everyone should try at least once. But that experience, as worthwhile as it is, is dwarfed by the pleasure of riding an electric bike regularly. 

Whether you are looking to update your rig with a Specialized eBike or you aren’t sure where to start but you’d like some help, we’d love to see you walk through our doors. Check out our FAQ page in the meantime, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about our electric bicycles available to rent or own!

Oh, and you can book your eBike tour of Portland right here. Thanks for reading!

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