Highlighting The Range Of Electric Bikes We Carry In Portland

Welcome back to the official blog of The eBike Store, Portland’s original and premier eBike shop where you can rent electric bikes, shop for eBikes on sale, and even get eBike tours of Portland!

In posts of the past, we’ve taken the opportunity to write about a wide range of topics, from why getting an eBike is the perfect 2019 resolution to composing a beginner’s guide to eBikes in Portland. We’d encourage you to check these posts out if you are looking for a little inspiration and know-how from Portland’s eBike experts (that’s us!). But for the purposes of today’s post, we’ll be breaking down the different types of electric bikes we carry — available for both purchase and rent. We offer electric road bikes, mountain eBikes, comfort eBikes, eBike parts, eBike accessories,  and much more.

But before we dive straight in, we’d briefly like to tell you about the Portland eBike tours we offer at The eBike Store!

eBike Tours In Portland

Whether you are a local or a tourist, most all of us know that Portland is famous for bicycling. The rise in cycling’s popularity might be attributable, in part, to Portland’s growing traffic issue — it’s starting to feel more like Los Angeles than the Pacific Northwest! — but there is also something inherently natural about riding around the city with its beautiful layout and rolling hills.

Given the fact that Portland’s countryside is full terrain changes, it’s difficult for folks who aren’t in extraordinary shape to be able to enjoy riding through the city without it feeling like the first Crossfit session of your life. Take it from us, you do not want to feel like that when trying to enjoy Portland’s attractions!

That being said, you can combine the best of both worlds (one where you get to see Portland up close and the other where you aren’t covered in sweat while you do it) with the magic of the eBike! We offer a variety of loops for you to choose from:

  • Downtown Portland & Washington Park Rose Garden Loop
  • Springwater Corridor & Sellwood Loop
  • Central Eastside & Mt. Tabor Park Loop
  • N. Portland, St. John’s, & Cathedral Park Loop
  • South Waterfront & Pearl District Loop

Our Portland eBike tours are led by local guides who live in Portland and love what they do. We offer small, private groups of six or less for a truly intimate and personalized experience. Tours are between two and three hours in length, and you can even request a custom tour so you can see exactly what you’d like to! Keep in mind that all participants must be a minimum of 18 years old. Be sure to check out the eBike tour resource, linked above, to find details and meet your Portland electric bike tour guide!

Shop The eBike Store In Portland

As promised, the rest of today’s blog will be all about highlighting our various eBike styles!


We offer a range of comfort eBikes, for both sale and rent. From the Specialized Turbo Como 3.0 to the 2018 Gazelle Arroyo C8,  these bikes are designed to help the rider feel relaxed. No matter where you are, you’ll feel like you are touring the French countryside going from winery to winery — that’s how pleasant our comfort eBikes will make you feel!

Mountain eBikes

Next up is electric mountain bikes, of which we are currently offering three eBikes: Specialized Turbo Levo FSR (Large); Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Large (XL); Raleigh Tokul IE. All three are on sale, and all three will open up a world of unbelievable mountain eBiking for just about anyone!

Electric Road Bikes

If you are considering buying an eBike for your work commute, consider our electric road/hybrid bikes. We offer a range of brands to choose from, with a wide variety of prices to match most budgets as well.

Electric Cargo Bikes

The final category we’ll be making note of is that of eBikes with cargo room. You don’t have to be a courier to make use of some extra storage, especially if you are planning to use your eBike as an “A to B!”

Come See Us Soon!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look into the Portland eBike tours and the range of electric bike styles that we have available at The eBike Store. Come see us soon or give us a call at your convenience!

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