eBike Tour Portland

Introducing Guided Tours: See Portland by eBike!

Portland and bikes go together like peanut butter and jelly – until you’ve seen our fair city by bicycle, you’re missing out on one of the great Portland experiences. Touring Portland by bicycle gives you a brand new outlook. The only thing better would be pedaling through Portland with an experienced tour guide!

Sarah Bott, who heads up our eBike tours, knows her way around Portland. She spent fifteen years as the city’s spokesperson, learning fascinating tidbits that she loves to pass on, like the fact that the Eastbank Esplanade – a lovely pedestrian and bicycling path along the Willamette – is the longest floating walkway in the US. “I have lots of factoids to share with people,” says Sarah. “People can ask me questions, like ‘What’s the story behind that mural in Oaks Bottom?’, or ‘What’s that building I’ve always wondered about?'”

Even if you’ve lived in Portland for years, you’ve probably looked at some unique aspect of the city or another and wondered, “what is that, anyway?” Sarah not only answers those burning questions for her groups, she’s great at seeking out those perfect Portland tour moments, like during Fleet Week when the group stopped to watch the ships come in and chat with the Coast Guard. “It’s a fun way to sightsee,” says Sarah. “Being on a bicycle is a very Portland way to get around, and going on an eBike tour is a great way to participate in Portland culture.”

Touring Portland on an eBike not only means you don’t have to worry about parking and traffic, it also means you can explore some of Portland’s most beautiful views without all the effort on a regular bike.

“One of my favorite things is to show people that you can go up these steep hills on a bike, and get to places like Mount Tabor and Washington Park Rose Garden,” says Sarah.

eBike Tour Portland

eBike through iconic Portland destinations.

All tour loops begin and end at the eBike Store on 809 N Rosa Parks Way, where you’ll  pick up your rental eBike (included in the price). After an orientation to riding the eBike and safety instructions, you’ll head out on a 2-3 hour loop to visit places like the Portland Waterfront, the Springwater Corridor, Cathedral Park in St. Johns, and Ladds Addition.

You can choose from the list of popular routes, or put Sarah’s fantastic routing skills to work on a custom tour for your group – say, a tour of famous sights of Grimm, or Portlandia. (Check out our Portland eBike tour page for a complete list of routes.)

The tours stick as much as possible to bicycle boulevards, greenways, and paved trails, which creates the most pleasant riding experience and also lets us show off Portland’s great bicycle infrastructure. Tours will also stop at food cart pods for lunch – another truly Portland experience – where everyone can try something different.

Portland eBike Tour

Who are these Portland eBike tours for?

Well, they’re for you, of course! Are you….

  • Curious about cycling in Portland, but unsure about routing?
  • Looking for a truly Portland experience during your trip here?
  • A long-time resident who’s always wanted to see your city from a different angle?
  • Dying to see how much fun an eBike can be?

Come on out and ride!

The Details

The cost of the tour includes the bike rental, helmet, safety and eBike orientation, and the 2-3 hour tour with a professional guide (Sarah!). Check out our Portland eBike tour page for more information.

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