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Meet the New Kalkhoffs

We have a few new bikes in the shop, and we’d love to introduce you.

Kalkhoff is one of the most popular eBike brands in Europe, and we’ve had a great response carrying them at the eBike Store. We’re especially excited about two of their newest models. The Integrale is a zippy speedster of an eBike, with a powerful motor capable of speeds up to 28 mph. The Include is a fantastic city bike with a step-through frame and tons of commuter-friendly features. Both feature integrated LCD displays, intuitive controls, impressive battery life, and internally-geared hubs run by Gates Carbon Drives.

We’ve been having a lot of fun with these eBikes, and we’re getting great feedback from our customers. Want to give one a whirl? Give us a call or stop by today.

Kalkhoff Integrale S11

Kalkhoff Integrale S11

We’re very impressed with this bike!

The Integrale S11 is Kalkhoff’s newest performance model, and it truly embodies the word “integrated” – from the way the battery is built into the downtube to the internally-geared hub. It’s a great-looking bike, with the battery, motor, and other eBike elements designed to be a seamless part of the frame.

It’s not just a looker. The motor is impressive, an Impulse Evo RS Speed 36V 350W that maxes out at 28mph. The assist meshes so smoothly into your pedal strokes – and the motor is so quiet – that you’ll barely notice it. It uses Shift-Sensor Technology to cut the power whenever you shift, reducing wear and tear on the gears, and the drive train features a Gates Carbon Drive with a Shimano Alfine internally-geared hub.

This would be a fantastic commuter bike. The battery has a 17 Ah capacity, which can carry you up to 125 miles (depending on load and power level).

Even though it’s a sporty bike, it still has a fairly upright geometry and suspension fork that means it’s very comfortable. And as icing on the cake, the rear lights act as a brake lights, getting brighter whenever you hit the brakes.

Kalkhoff Include 8

Kalkhoff Include 8

The second bike we’d like you to meet is the Kalkhoff Include 8. It’s a great all-around-town bike. The step-through geometry is easy to get on and off, and offers a very upright position that feels very stable. It handles extremely well as you’re riding, and the motor engages smoothly to provide just as much assist as you’d like without being too aggressive. The suspension front fork, suspension seat post, and wide saddle make it a super plush ride.

The motor is an Impulse Evo 36V 250W, which tops out at a nice-and-steady 20mph. The battery has the same 17Ah capacity as the Integrale, which on this bike makes for a range of over 120 miles before you have to recharge – depending, of course, on the load and how much you’re using the motor.

The motor and the internally geared hub are both incredibly quiet and efficient, and the 8-speed twist grip shifter simply glides between gears so you always are at the right speed. Hydraulic disc brakes make it stop safely in wet or grimy conditions.

The Include comes with some great safety features, too. The front and rear light turn on automatically, powered by a Dynamo hub. There’s also a built-in wheel lock for your rear wheel (useful for when you lock up outdoors). Both the Include and the Integrale also come equipped with a Racktime Snap-it rack that makes it a cinch to add on compatible baskets and child seats (sold separately).

Curious? Come on in and give these bikes a test ride today!

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