The eBike Store is your go-to source for Gazelle eBikes in Portland. Gazelle electric bikes are made of the highest quality, giving the rider reliable control and performance no matter which model you select. But perhaps the most attractive quality that Gazelle electric bikes have to offer is that there is a great diversity in specifications and options you can choose from.

Whether you are looking to run errands, commute to work, or go on a solitary joy ride, enjoying your journey with a Gazelle eBike is never an unwise decision. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • A Range Of Electric Motors – Experience the effortless cycling that the Bosch mid-mounted motor affords. Ideal for day-to-day trips in addition to long distances, the torque ranges from 48 Nm all the way up to 60 Nm, which means it can provide pedal assistance on hilly terrain as well as flat ground. By contrast, the Shimano STEPS mid-mounted motor is light and powerful, making it equally perfect for short and long trips. The Shimano motor has a maximum of 50 Nm.
  • Battery and Range – For both Shimano and Bosch, Gazelle E-bikes feature the highest capacity batteries available! Gazelle eBikes that have the 500 Wh Bosch battery offer a range up to 100 miles, whereas the Shimano STEPS can take you up to 100 miles.

We offer Gazelle Cityzen, Gazelle EasyFlow, Gazelle Arroyo, and many models. If you are in need of a Gazelle eBike in Portland, browse our selection today!