john economaki

Spotlight: John Economaki

EB: Why did you decide to buy an eBike?

JE: I wanted to commute to my office, which is 4.5 miles from my home. However, I live at the base of a very steep hill – it is a 140’ elevation gain in ¼ of a mile. Not only is there not a way to warm up for this climb, I have no shower facility at the office. An eBike seemed like the logical solution.

EB: What do you like most about your new eBike?

JE: First, it is just plain fun. Second, I enjoy the commute to work, and I really enjoy keeping up with what I believe is the future of cycling from a commuting perspective.  My commute is faster by bike than by car. Lastly, I logged 1,500 miles commuting last year and saved over $300 in gasoline purchases.

EB: Where do you ride?

JE: I ride to and from work, for errands, and occasionally I ride to dinner with my wife who also has an eBike – as soon as she rode mine she was hooked. It really is a lot of fun.

EB: What accessories or add-ons have you bought for your new eBike?

JE: I recently switched from a front hub motor to a mid-drive and I really like the difference. I have a really great front light, and I recently put on tires that have a very strong reflective ring in the sidewall for nighttime riding. And I really like disk brakes!

EB: How much money are you saving by riding vs. driving?

JE: My car gets about 19 miles to the gallon in the city. So my 9-mile round-trip commute saves me $1.50 – $2.00 per day depending on the price of gas. The health benefits are saving me money I am sure, but calculating them is not my cup of tea.

EB: How did you hear about The eBike Store?

JE: I don’t remember. I know I was really excited as soon as I heard about them and I immediately went to see what they had.

EB: Why did you choose to buy your eBike from us?

JE: I like knowing the people I do business with. Wake knew of my company and we immediately hit it off. Chad is a fantastic (and fanatic) eBike builder who is fun to hang around with. “People with a passion” is the reason.

EB: What would you like to share or recommend to others who are considering buying an eBike?

JE: What is taking you so long?

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