Spotlight: Specialized eBikes in Portland & Beyond!

Welcome back to the one and only blog of The eBike Store — Portland’s first and premier electric bike shop, conveniently located in downtown Portland! In a few of our most recent posts, we’ve taken the opportunity to highlight the range of electric bikes we carry, in addition to offering our two cents about why getting an eBike is the perfect 2019 resolution!

To speak to the latter blog, we can’t think of many better ways to bring in the new year than to buy an eBike and start using it all the time! Sure, we might be (extremely) biased on the matter, but there’s good reason for that. And while we’d encourage you to go back and check out that post in its entirety, the long and the short of it is that there is a wealth of benefits that go along with owning your own electric bicycle.

And no, before you get skeptical, you don’t have to commute in your eBike every single day to be considered a purist. Many eBike owners use their electric bikes for recreational purposes exclusively. And that’s fine by us! The benefits are largely the same. Among said benefits of riding an eBike are:

  • Physical fitness benefits (without completely exhausting you)
  • Explore different parts of the city (and state) that would have never gone to in car or on foot!
  • Seniors and people with health issues can keep exercising and active
  • It’s a rush to feel the wind in your hair!
  • Whether you use your eBike to commute or not, it’s an environmentally-friendly way of transportation

As fun as it is to discuss the benefits of riding electric bikes in detail, today’s post does not concern such matters (to any extent more than we’ve already been talking about it!). Instead, as the title already gave away, we are taking the chance to highlight one of our favorite eBike brands: Specialized electric bikes.

If you’d like to learn why we are such staunch supports of this reliable brand of eBikes, keep reading! You just might discover that you’ve found the perfect eBike manufacturer for you!

All About Specialized eBikes

Maybe you are just looking for a Portland Specialized eBike distributor. If that’s you, you can probably skip the rest of this blog, come down to our downtown storefront, and check out our Specialized Turbo E-Bikes in person.

If, however, you’d like to familiarize yourself a bit more, then by all means, carry on reading.

Specialized eBikes are essentially synonymous with E-Mountain Bikes. If you’ve been looking for a way to go off-roading without having to get yourself in marathon conditioning levels, here’s your ticket.

Simply put, Specialized E-Mountain Bikes offer riders the power to ride more trails. With silent, pedal-assisted power and a host of innovative technologies “that would make a Silicon Valley engineer blush” (they say it on their website, not us!), you can take trail riding with your eBike to a whole new level.

At The eBike Store in Portland, we offer Specialized Turbo Levo, Specialized Turbo Vado, and other Specialized electric bikes. Shop today!

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