Why You Should Start Your Year With An eBike

The year has begun, and you’ve got a long list of resolutions staring back at you. Whether you want to start working out more or you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, an electric bicycle is a perfect addition to your life. We’ve gathered some great benefits you can look forward to when you start riding an eBike that will help you reach your goals in no time. Call us at The eBike Store today to find the perfect electric bike for you!

-Easy Commute

When you ride an electric bike to work, you can get the exercise from a standard bike ride, but the motor can reduce your workload so you don’t walk into the building sweaty and tired. It also removes the frustration that comes with sitting in gridlocked traffic, thanks to its maneuverability, allowing you to bypass trouble areas with ease. We know how difficult it is to find parking in the city, but with an eBike, you can just lock it up without the worry about getting a ticket. No more searching for a spot or shelling out cash for an expensive parking garage. Not only that, an eBike is typically faster than public transportation. Starting your day off with a refreshing bike ride will help you be more effective at work, especially compared to a drowsy drive in traffic.

-Health Boost

It goes without saying, riding a bicycle is a fantastic way to improve your health. An electric bike not only gives you the benefits of pedaling a standard bike, it also allows you to turn the motor on when you get tired. That gives you a chance to extend your workout longer than a standard bike would allow. When you don’t have to worry about constantly pedaling, riding an eBike doesn’t feel like a chore, which means you’ll be more likely to do it more often. Biking will also improve your overall coordination, which carries over to other aspects of your life. Getting out in the fresh air isn’t just good for your physical health, it’s great for your mental health, too! You’re also going to be cutting out a large amount of stress that comes with driving a car, giving you a much-needed morale boost.

-Lifestyle Improvements

With the assistance of an electric bikes motor, you’re going to be able to tackle big hills and exciting trails without fear. You’ll cut down on commuting costs, too, with an average daily trip costing around five to eight cents (just a dollar or two over the course of a month). You’re going to put less wear and tear on your car when you use an electric bicycle for the bulk of your traveling as well, meaning less money spent on repairs and maintenance. Because half of all trips that Americans make are less than three miles, you can easily bike that distance instead of hopping in a car. An eBike can also bring you closer to a significant other or friend that may be more physically adept than you are, allowing you to participate more actively. You can also do your part to help with reducing pollution and the depletion of the ozone when you choose an energy-conscious electric bicycle over a smog-spewing automobile.

No matter what your New Year’s resolution might be, an electric bike may be the perfect solution to help you meet your goals. Whether you’re trying to trim your waistline, reduce your stress, cut down how much you spend on gas, or just help out the environment, an eBike will get you where you’re going in style. Call us at The eBike Store today to learn more and find the perfect eBike for you. Get riding today!

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