Mother’s Day Activities in Portland – Rent an eBike & Moms Ride Free!

Mother’s Day is almost here, folks. And you know what that means, right? It’s time for that annual, last-minute scramble to find a decent gift — a tradition you’ve grown accustomed to.

But despite your familiarity with procrastination, it rarely yields the best results in terms of the quality of gifts your mother receives. A few years ago, you happened to find a deal on a cooking class you and your mom could attend together, and obviously, that went down pretty well. But since then, you can’t help but feel that you’ve been letting her down. And between the department-store picture frames (which happen to be missing the key element of having a meaningful photo in them) and the Ann Taylor gift cards your mom has been gifted over the past few years, it’s clearly time to step up your game.

But how is this to be accomplished? You’ll never go back to a cooking class for as long as you live and you are completely out of other ideas!

As you could probably guess from the site you are visiting, our Mother’s Day gift solution is to rent an eBike in downtown Portland with her. It doesn’t have to be on Mother’s Day, per se, but that would make it all the better if it were!

So, for the remainder of today’s blog, we’ll highlight a few details about our Portland eBike rental options, why your mom is going to officially crown you with the title of “Favorite Offspring of All Time,” before wrapping things up with a feature on our eBike tour packages in Portland. Let’s get going!

Mom Rides Free on Mother’s Day!

We’ve forgotten perhaps the most important reason that you should rent an electric bike in Portland on Mother’s Day: moms ride free!

Now, before you get worried about your mom being able to handle riding an eBike, take a deep breath and read the following:

  • eBikes are not meant to surpass 20 mph. While you might see some folks whizzing by at higher speeds, this is called “overvolting” an eBike. For the record, we’ve yet to see someone overvolt their eBike to go faster than 25 mph and not end up in the hospital as a result. All that being said, eBikes are intuitive and safe when the rider is attentive and cautious. If your mom can be described that way, you’ve really got nothing to worry about!
  • Your motherly eBike rider will not have to pedal unless she wants to. If you are concerned about fitness levels affecting the quality of enjoyment, rest easy knowing that you don’t have to pedal on an eBike unless you feel like it. Just make sure you choose a throttle-activated eBike for your mom, which, unlike pedal-activated eBikes, do not require pedaling to engage the motor.


Electric Bike Riding Tips

So, let’s fast-forward and suppose that you’ve left your procrastinating ways behind, booked your eBike rentals for May 12th, 2019 (that’s Mother’s Day this year, in case you were wondering), and presented the gift to your mother. She feigns joy for 0.345 seconds before betraying her true feelings on the gift; she’s grateful but scared.

Bless her heart, her sin is one of ignorance. Luckily, you are equipped because you read this stunningly well-composed eBike blog from Portland’s original electric bike shop, The eBike Store. You are prepared to alleviate any and all fears your mom might have by offering up a few of these eBike safety tips:

  • It’s a bike, so treat it like a bike – This might sound a bit simple, but it’s true. If your eBike rental party approaches the experience with a healthy dose of respect, there’s little reason to be afraid. Remember that crashes can happen on any bike, so ask your mother if she would be willing to ride a bike at all. If not, this was probably a bad idea in the first place and you should high-tail it to the nearest Eddie Bauer outlet store. If she would be, however,  you can continue to read her this list!
  • You are free to focus on what’s around you – At the risk of painting with too broad of a brush, many of our eBike renters aren’t exactly going to qualify for the Tour de France any time soon. And nor should they — they are simply trying to get outdoors and have a great time without exhausting themselves! Our point is this; when you aren’t devoting physical and mental energy to pedaling your bike, you are free to notice what’s going on around you. Your mother (and the rest of your party, for that matter) might be focused on operating the electric bike at first. Next comes paying attention to their environment, including traffic. Third and finally, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself, your party, and the lovely setting that Portland provides. It’s going to be great!
  • Just be careful in general – Most moms we know won’t have too much trouble with this one. We would recommend simply being careful the entire time. But just because you are careful doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Watch it on the mounts and dismounts, pay attention to the foot and car traffic around you, and brake a bit earlier than you would on a traditional bike. No sweat! (literally)

eBike Tours in Portland on Mother’s Day!

As promised, the final portion of today’s blog is a feature for our tours. If you’ve never ridden an eBike before, this is a great option because you’ll have a tour guide to help direct your entire experience. Plus, you’ll get the chance to explore like a local. We offer several different route options for you and your group to choose from:

  • Downtown Portland & Washington Park Rose Garden Loop
  • Springwater Corridor & Sellwood Loop
  • Central Eastside & Mt. Tabor Park Loop
  • N. Portland, St. John’s, & Cathedral Park Loop
  • South Waterfront & Pearl District Loop


All of our Portland electric bicycle tours start and end at The eBike Store at 809 N. Rosa Parks Way, Portland, OR, 97217. They last 2 or 3 hours in length, cost $55 per person (except for Mom on Mother’s Day!), and include an eBike, helmet, and a tour guide. You must be 18 to join us on a tour.

For more information on eBike tours, our local guides, and why our tours are top-rated on Yelp and Google, don’t hesitate to visit our dedicated resource, linked above!

Book Your Mother’s Day eBike Rental Today!

At the end of the day, if you are looking for a unique and personal way to show your mom how much she means to you, an eBike tour is outdoorsy, out-of-the-box, and maybe just a wee bit challenging as well. Most people who have reservations will quickly overcome them and wind up having a wonderful time. Give us a call if you have and questions, or book your eBike rental today!

eBike Safety 101 – How To Safely Ride Your Electric Bike

In the world of alternative transportation, eBike riding is rising so fast it isn’t unreasonable to think it can shake off the “alternative” prefix when being discussed. In Portland and other urban areas, specifically, the use of electric bikes is spiking, with no signs of letting up. The rise has coincided with increased fanfare from the media as well, with the BBC recently asking if eBikes are the way of the future and Dallas News reporting on Uber’s introduction of a brand-new rent-a-ride eBike program called Jump.

Even locally, the surge in electric bike riders has led to legislation that proposes giving bike commuters tax breaks, as Oregon bike commuters will be able to write off up to $53 in monthly expenses

How To Safely Ride An eBike

We at The eBike Store couldn’t be more thrilled with the electric bike boom that’s going on all around the country. Seeing as how we are the proud owners of Portland’s original and premier eBike shop, we’ve got some skin the game. But we are avid eBike cyclists ourselves, so it’s wonderful to see our passion being shared by countless people around the world!

Because we are so invested in the world of electric bikes, we want to be a resource for folks interested in trying out this “alternative” mode of transportation for the first time. For some, riding an electric bike for the first time is a daunting proposition — it’s new, potentially difficult to control, and there might be traffic around while you are trying to figure out what’s what. Others might be able to pick it up more swiftly, but everyone is different.

Today’s blog is dedicated to the former category of individuals, so read on if you’d like a few tips about safely riding your electric bike in Portland — or elsewhere for that matter!

A Good e-Cyclist Is A Defensive e-Cyclist

We at The eBike Store are decidedly not in the business of using scare tactics to get our point across, but we won’t sugar coat anything either. As such, it’s the case that e-cyclists get into accidents more often than traditional cyclists.

A 2016 study performed by Transportation Research found that eBike accidents with cars were 30-percent more likely to occur than with traditional cyclists. The researchers surmised that this had to do with drivers’ inability to accurately judge an electric bike’s speed. Since they look so much like traditional bikes, drivers might think that they are going more slowly than they actually are, especially if they take a mere cursory glance before making their turn.

While every form of transportation inherently involves some degree of risk, the sage wisdom of “a good driver is a defensive driver” applies to eBike riding as well. We recommend assuming that every driver isn’t going to give you the benefit of the doubt, which means you should always be prepared for something unexpected to happen. If you do this, you’ll be able to put yourself in much safer situations regardless of where you are riding.

General eBike Safety Tips

  • Make Sure You Are Easily Seen – It’s not a novel concept by any means, but it’s indispensable nonetheless; it’s simply a must that you make sure you are visible when riding an eBike. Think about purchasing a reflective vest and/or adding reflectors to all sides of your eBike so that you can be seen from all vantage points at night.
  • Wear A Helmet – Did you know that wearing a helmet can reduce the odds of a cyclist getting a head injury by half? That’s substantial, and your head is important. So be an adult, set a good example, and protect your noggin’ at the same time!
  • Tie Your Shoelaces – Before you tie them, make sure they are on your feet! Never wear sandals while riding an eBike, in the same way that you should never wear baggy clothes that might get caught in the wheel or chain.
  • One Human Per eBike – It’s a bad idea to let anyone ride with you on your eBike, no matter if it’s your first time or a seasoned pro. Not only will it greatly hinder the performance of the vehicle itself, but you’ll be putting the passenger and yourself in harm’s way! Enough said.

Electric Bikes Are Safer Than Other Forms Of Transportation

We know, we know — earlier we mentioned that eBike riders are 30-percent more likely to get into an accident with a car. While those findings are no doubt accurate, they don’t tell the whole story, as explains.

eBikes have plenty to offer folks looking for a safe mode of transportation. For instance, whenever you pull the break on an electric bike, the motor will automatically cease from spinning. Additionally, eBikes have superior braking systems that traditional bicycles, not to mention the fact that being able to accelerate out of trouble is a handy thing to keep in your back pocket!

In conclusion, safely riding an electric bike is more than possible — it’s quite easy to do with a bit of forethought! So follow traffic signals, be attentive, and learn at a pace you are comfortable with!

For eBike rentals in Portland, shop The eBike Store today!

Why Getting An eBike Is The Perfect 2019 Resolution

E-bikes are fun! My wife and I dropped into this store to check out an e-bike for my mother in law. Robert gave us a tour of his shop and we had a great time! We each ended up riding 3 different bikes. All of them were comfortable, easy to ride, and FAST! The prices, while not cheap, were very reasonable considering you can ride one of these bikes to work every day, beat traffic, and never pay for gas, vehicle maintenance, or parking. Definitely worth the investment in my opinion. If you haven’t tried riding an e-bike recently, do it! They’re fun!” – Colin S., Five Stars, Google Reviews

We are firmly into 2019 ladies and gentlemen, and that means it’s time to reevaluate every minute detail of our lives in the spirit of self-improvement. Some of us take a month of sobriety to clear our heads and get in touch with ourselves, while others want to shake off their winter season layer of insulation in order to get back into shape. Still others of us might go a different route, perhaps involving the taking up of a new hobby.

Maybe you’ve made all three of those exact resolutions, maybe none of them apply to you. But either way, the fact remains you’ve made your way to this eBike blog with a title that concerns getting an eBike as a New Year’s resolution. That tells us you have some degree of interest in trying out an eBike for the first time.

If that describes you, we want you to know that fills us with joy! We are passionate about eBikes for sale and for rent. As Colin S. put so well in his glowing review of The eBike Store in downtown Portland (that’s us!), there are plenty of reasons to see if riding an eBike might be the perfect 2019 resolution. To name just a few of the top of our heads:

  • It’s something to do while you are doing your best to have a “sober January”
  • While not physically exhausting, riding an eBike does offer fitness benefits
  • It might be that new hobby you’ve been looking for! See hidden gems of Portland that you never knew existed while getting some fresh air with your friends or family!

Some Of The Many eBike Benefits

In the past, we’ve written about what you should know before you buy your first eBike. And while we’d encourage you to take the opportunity to browse this handy resource if you get the chance, we thought it’d be more fun to dissect the aforementioned glorious review that Colin so graciously provided us with.

You Can Ride Them To Work

Who isn’t a fan of an easy commute? Well, for folks who have grown used to the comfort of four wheels, a heater, and the radio to keep them company during their morning commute, there might be something of a transitional phase that you’ll quickly shake off. But for cyclists who are looking for a way to bike to work without showing up with a sweat-soaked shirt (or having to change their clothes), riding an electric bike to work is worth your consideration!

eBike commuting is the perfect happy-medium between getting some physical activity and fresh air while not exhausting yourself with an intense workout before starting your workday. What’s more, you can avoid the standstills that come from with Portland’s gridlock traffic. As if that weren’t enough, you don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot or paying for it! So it’s pleasant, physically beneficial, convenient, and affordable!

Environmentally-Friendly Transportation

We’ve used this statistic before, and we’ll probably use it again: if you ride an eBike for about 1,000 miles every year, you’d use almost 25,000 watt-hours of power. This is roughly the same amount of energy that is used to power a medium-sized air conditioner for 24 hours.

What’s our point? eBikes take very little power to run, especially when you compare it to the energy required to run a vehicle for hours each day. Gas-powered cars, as most of us know, contribute more than their fair share of emissions, contributing to significant environmental changes. If you’d like to get more “green” with an environmentally-conscious New Year’s resolution, here’s a great place to start!

Easy To Ride & Comfortable

The final aspect of Collin’s stunning five-star review is how he notes just how comfortable everyone in his party was when riding their eBikes. We’ve found that eBikes are as easy to use as they are comfortable, which should be music to the ears of folks worried if age might be a mitigating factor. The fact is, the eBike motor allows for just about everyone to be able to ride a bike wherever they please! Age, body type, and fitness levels don’t have to get in the way of something as amazing as riding an electric bike!

For these reasons and many others, a new eBike obsession just might make 2019 your best year yet!

eBikes For Rent In Portland

There are plenty of reasons to start shopping for eBikes for sale in Portland — and we are certainly The eBike Store for such enquiries — but why not see how you like it first? It’s much more cost-effective, and we’d be happy to set you up with all the knowledge you need to have a great trip around Portland! Browse Portland electric bike rentals if you want a bit more out of life in 2019!

A Few Interesting Facts (and Myths) about E-Bikes

The eBike Store in Portland is Portland’s first electric bike store. You’ll find that we introduce many a blog with that fact, mostly because we are very proud of it. But there is more to our e-bike store than simply being first to set up shop in Portland — we want to be the first and the best for our customers. That’s why we offer electric bikes for rent and for sale, in addition to offering eBike Tours and service, whether you bought your ebike at The eBike store or otherwise!

At the end of the day, we want to be the ebike community’s top resource in Portland and beyond. Between offering affordable prices on top electric bike brands and our commitment to outfitting anyone who walks through our doors with the best bike for their unique needs, we believe we are well on our way to accomplishing our goal of being an excellent resource for our community!

In keeping with that goal, we’d like to take the opportunity to offer up a few interesting facts about electric bikes in today’s post. Not only do we hope you find these tidbits interesting, but we think you’ll find them to be practical as well. Enjoy a few interesting, if not random, facts about e-bikes from The eBike Store. And be sure you keep reading if you enjoy the busting of myths; we’ll shed some light on some common misconceptions regarding electric bikes as well.

Electric Bike Facts

Below, we’ll start with a few basic facts about electric bikes and how people use them, before we dive into some little-known tidbits!

  • Electric bicycles are legal. In case you were wondering about this, we’ll alleviate your fears right off of the bat. eBikes are governed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission,  or CPSC, which states that eBikes are perfectly legal as long as they meet certain requirements. Among these stipulations are that electric bicycles must have operable pedals, may not exceed 750 watts, all rides must wear approved bicycle helmets, and many others.
  • Electric bikes for sale at The eBike Store here in Portland are equipped to go between 12-30 miles on just one charge. Keep in mind, however, that certain eBike models are able to go farther because they either have superior, high-capacity batteries or have multiple batteries.
  • You do not have to pedal on an electric bicycle. Pedal-activated bikes need to have pedaling take place in order to engage the motor, whereas throttle-activated electric bikes do not. If you have any questions about this distinction and what might be best for your goals, you should come on in the shop and we’ll be happy to help you!
  • Electric bike myth – eBikes are dangerous. Most every eBike out there won’t surpass 20 mph on its own. If you pedal to supplement the eBike’s propulsion, you’ll probably be able to go over 20 mph, but most people don’t have any issue controlling an electric bike while it goes 20 mph. And while we are certainly capable of “overvolting” or otherwise modifying eBikes to go over 25 mph, we have yet to encounter a customer who has independently modified their eBike and failed to make an appearance in the hospital within the next six months. Yes, there’s no exaggeration here — it’s virtually a guarantee that folks who break the speed limit on their bike will eventually injure themselves. Don’t be that person, your health is important!
  • eBikes are ridiculously eco-friendly, namely because they don’t produce harmful emissions the way vehicles with combustion engines do. To put this in perspective, has estimated that if you were to use your electric bike to take a 10-mile chunk out of your regular driving each week, you’d reduce your carbon footprint (CO2 emission) by around 500 lbs. Each year!
  • Electric bike myth – riding an eBike will cheat me out of some good exercise! For one, it just might do exactly that! Which, if you are trying to not get drenched in sweat on your way to work, might be considered a good thing. However, we want our readers to know that, on average, electric-bike owners tend to spend more time outdoors when compared to before they owned an electric bike. What’s more, research shows that electric-bike owners also get more exercise while riding their bikes than when they did prior to owning an eBike. Ultimately, personal experience has taught us that owning an eBike will typically help you get outside more. This a virtue in and of itself, but when you consider the fact that you can exercise as much or as little as you want to (in terms of pedaling) while on your eBike, it’s no wonder why people love their ebikes as much as they do!
  • The use of electric bikes is growing among a variety of demographics. In Portland and elsewhere, commuters are using eBikes more and more. But other sectors which have seen an increase in the use of eBikes include travel and tourism, teenagers who come from privileged families, leisure riders, and even everyday cyclists who could use a break from constant pedaling every now and then!
  • Most kinds of electric bikes are able to be recharged pretty much anywhere — no electric bike changing station required! You can plug the battery into any outlet. Plus, some electric bike models have removable batteries, which makes the charging process even less of a chore. Charging the battery of an eBike usually takes a few hours.
  • Electric bikes let people with varying degrees of fitness to travel together at leisure. Think about it, eBikes afford such a unique opportunity for groups of friends and families! Whether there is a member of your party with mobility issues, or perhaps you’d personally prefer to not soak yourself in sweat in an attempt to keep up with your semi-pro cyclist friends, you can all easily traveling together with the wonderful electric bicycle.

Shop The eBike Store in Portland!

Whether you are looking for eBikes for sale or rent, the final fact we’d like to leave you with is that you can find what you are looking for a The eBike Store in Portland. Browse our wide selection today!

Your Guide to a Safer Bike Commute Part 2

There are so many benefits to riding an electric bike to work or school.

From increased health and less stress to saving money and doing your part for Mother Nature, the benefits of riding an electric bike to work are endless. But there is one downside to a bicycle commute — it can be risky. There are a lot of people out driving on the road, especially here in Portland, but you’ll be glad to know that there are many things you can do to make your bike commute safer. Check out part one of this series to learn about the safety tips we’ve already covered, and keep reading to learn more.

#5. Attempt to make eye contact.

When you’re on a bicycle, it’s vitally important that you don’t just assume that a driver will see you or that a motorist will give you the right of way (even if you are supposed to have it). Also, don’t assume that a motorist will obey a red light or a walk signal. Never take a motorist’s awareness for granted when you’re on a bike. If possible, try to make eye contact with the driver so that you know that they see you.

#6. Use hand signals when turning.

Making eye contact with drivers is ideal, but it’s not always possible. That’s why you should always use a hand signal when turning or changing lanes on your electric bike, even if you’ve made eye contact and you’re confident a driver sees you. But, even when you signal that you’re turning, don’t just assume that a driver will stop or slow down for you. Always keep your eyes open and make sure the coast is clear.

#7. Ride like you’re in a car.

Drivers are familiar with the patterns of other motorists on the road, so it’s in your best interest to ride your bike like you’re driving a car. What we mean by this is to always check and be aware of the traffic around you, make it a point to obey traffic laws and don’t weave in and out of traffic. Predictability equals more safety when you’re on the road.

#8. Make sure your bike is safe.

There are many aspects of your bicycle commute that are out of your control as far as safety is concerned, namely the behavior of motorists and other cyclists on the road. However, there is one big area that you have control over, and that’s the bike itself. It’s important that your bike is the right size for you, that it’s properly tuned up and adjusted, and that the tires are properly inflated and in good condition. At The eBike Store, not only do we offer a variety of electric bikes for sale, but we also provide tune-ups, maintenance and other services to keep your eBike in the best possible shape.

Riding an electric bike to work or school is a great way to get exercise, enjoy fresh air, reduce stress, save money and so much more, and we hope that this blog will help you enjoy a safer bike commute.

If you’re in the market for a high-quality eBike, there’s no better place to shop in Portland than The eBike Store. We offer a variety of eBike brands and types, including electric mountain bikes, electric road bikes and more. Shop with us today!

Your Guide to a Safer Bike Commute

An electric bike makes commuting anywhere and everywhere in Portland a breeze.

There are so many reasons to start commuting to work or school with an eBike. It’s much healthier for you, allows you to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, saves money, reduces stress and more. The best part is that, with an electric bike rather than a standard bike, you won’t have to worry about showing up to work or school sweaty and disheveled, and you’ll get a little help getting up Portland’s biggest hills. The one downside to a bike commute is that it can be risky out on the road, but the good news is that there are lots of things you can do as a cyclist to stay safe.

#1. Always wear a helmet!

The number one thing you can do to keep yourself safe on an electric bicycle — or any bicycle — is to always wear a helmet. Just as you wear a seatbelt every time you get in the car, you should also wear a helmet every time you get on your bike because you never know when you’ll need it. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has found that wearing a helmet reduces the risk of getting a head injury by a whopping 50 percent, so it’s well worth it.

#2. Use bike lights.

One of the biggest challenges for cyclists on the road is simply being visible to drivers. If you’re riding your eBike at night or under low-light conditions, the best way to be visible to drivers is to ensure that you have bike lights on both the front and back of your bicycle. Don’t settle for just any bike lights either; make sure that the lights you choose are bright enough to truly make you visible.

#3. Ride in the bike lane.

A bicycle is considered to be a vehicle, which means that the sidewalk is not an appropriate place for cyclists to ride. Many cyclists believe that the sidewalk is safer than riding in the bike lane, but that’s simply not true. For one, there’s likely to be a lot of other traffic in the sidewalk, including pedestrians and dogs, all of whom may probably aren’t expecting a bike. Additionally, drivers are expecting cyclists to be on the sidewalk, and if they’re pulling out of their driveway or parking lot, they may not see you if you’re on the sidewalk. Here in Portland, we’re lucky enough to live in a bike-friendly city that has plenty of bike lanes, and believe it or not, you’re better off using them.

#4. Keep your eyes in front of you.

While you should always check behind you before turning or crossing the street, for the most part, you should keep your eyes ahead of you, focused on where you want to travel. The vast majority of accidents involving cars and bicycles happen when drivers and cyclist cross each other’s path, most commonly when drivers turn in front of cyclists. Make it a point to watch the cars in front of you.

To find the perfect electric bike for your commute, shop with us at The eBike Store today. And to learn more tips for a safer bike commute, stay tuned for part two of this series.

Seven Ways to Protect Your Knees When Cycling

Cycling is one of the most beneficial and fulfilling hobbies you can do. Not only is it lower impact than running, it is highly aerobic, raising your heart rate without putting as much strain on your body as other exercises. However, as with all physical activity, it’s important that you take the proper precautions to protect your well-being. By following these tips, you can ensure you ride your eBike without ending up with knee pain at the end of the day. Want to learn more about electric bicycles? Want to give one a test ride? Come to The eBike Store in Portland to see what all the buzz is about!

-Keep Your Knees Straight

The number one way people end up with sore knees after a bike ride is if they aren’t making sure their form is right. When you pedal, you should do it in perfect circles, with your knees aligned and straight. When your knees wobble or move to the side — both inwards or outwards — it places increased stress on the cartilage within your knees. It causes the cartilage and your kneecap to rub together, which can damage them and become quite uncomfortable. If you keep your pedaling as straight and circular as possible, you’ll minimize that stress.

-Keep a Decent Speed

Maintaining a decent speed is important when riding, as it helps you to keep a fluid motion when pumping your knees and legs. Experts have reported that pedaling under 60 RPM (revolutions per minute) can be dangerous. The recommendation is to stay above 80 RPM if possible. You can maintain this speed by ensuring you are in the proper gear, as that will help you avoid going faster than you’re comfortable with. This makes the pedal assistance provided by an eBike especially helpful, as it will help you keep a steady speed without putting increased strain on your knees.

-Be Aware of Your “Float”

This entry is mostly focused on people who ride with clip-in pedals, but it can make a great deal of difference. The “float” of your foot position should match the natural angle of your feet and ankles. If your legs are angled too sharply, tension will radiate throughout your legs, which increases the pressure placed on your knees as you ride. It’s recommended to keep your float under 4.5 degrees for the best results.

-Move Back a Bit

While we touched on proper form a bit in discussing your knee positioning, where you sit on your bike has an impact on your knees as well. When you ride too closely to your handlebars, it puts your knees at a more aggressive angle, leading to increased strain and pain. Sit a bit further back on your seat, make sure your feet are firmly and properly planted on your pedals, and you should notice an immediate difference.

-Try Kinesio Tape

If your knees are extra sensitive, be it from old injuries or other afflictions, it might be worth your time to try kinesio or elastic therapeutic tape. It attaches to your muscles and joints, helping to maintain proper knee alignment. Instead of traditional athletic tape, which can hinder movement, kinesio tape mimics skin, which gives you a wider range of movement and has been clinically proven to reduce pain. By opening up your range of motion, it allows your muscles and joints to stay in position in a more comfortable way.

-Know Your Limits

When you’re out for a ride, it can be easy to get carried away. When you don’t understand your limits, you’re likely to push yourself too hard and end up injured. This mentality has been touted for many years, with a lot of athletes being praised for “pushing through the pain”. The problem with that mentality is that pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. When you ignore those warning signs, you will exacerbate the problem, turning something small into a serious injury. If you’re feeling a serious pain, don’t try to tough it out. On an eBike, utilize the pedal assistance to take a break and rest your legs. Then, once the pain goes away, you’re free to start pedaling again.

-Stretch it Out

Whenever you’re going to be exercising or engaging in physical activity, it’s incredibly important to stretch before and after. This helps to loosen up your joints and muscles, preparing them for the activity. When joints and muscles haven’t been stretched, they will be tight and tense, making them more inclined to be injured. Some good stretches to do to prepare your legs for a bike ride include:

  • Lunging hip flexor stretch
  • Figure four stretch
  • Standing hamstring stretch
  • Calf stretch
  • Quad stretch
  • Kneeling quad stretch
  • Side lunge

You can see detailed instructions and pictures of these stretches here.

Starting to ride a bike is a fantastic way to get in shape and take control of your health. Your safety needs to be at the top of your list when starting to ride, so keep these tips in mind to avoid coming home with aching knees. Safety doesn’t start and end with your knees, though. It’s just as important to make sure you’re always wearing a helmet and that you know the rules of the road to ensure you are safe when riding around other cars and bicyclists. As you no doubt noted, many of the entries here brought up how an electric bike can help ease the strain on your knees. If you would like to learn more about electric bicycles, call The eBike Store today!

6 Financial Benefits of eBikes

Electric bikes have been steadily gaining popularity over the past few years and there are many reasons for it. One thing you might not know about is how much an eBike can save you. For that reason, today we’re going to look at six of the biggest financial benefits associated with getting an eBike. Need some help finding the perfect electric bicycle for your needs? Look no further than The eBike Store! Whether you peruse our online store or you stop by our brick and mortar location here in Portland, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

-Physical Health

You might not make the connection between your health and money, but they’re more intertwined than they appear. When you’re unhealthy, you end up spending a lot of time sick. Between missing work, doctors appointments, and medication, it can all add up. One of the reasons people get sick is because they have a lack of physical activity in their day-to-day lives. Most people commute to work in their car, and an increase in jobs spent at a desk in front of a computer adds to our increasingly sedentary lives. By trading your car for an eBike to commute, you’re getting the exercise you need to be healthy, saving you money in the long run. Another bonus? You’re not having to spend a bunch of money filling up your gas tank.

-The World is Your Gym

With how much exercise can improve your life, it can be an easy leap to make that you should just buy a gym membership. However, if you’ve ever had a membership, you know how expensive they are and how rarely they get used. With an eBike, the world becomes your gym. Not only will you get a great workout, you’ll do it out in nature, which is much nicer than being cooped up in a sweaty room with a bunch of strangers. With the added pedal assist feature of most eBikes, it also lets you take a break when you need to, which allows for longer, more fulfilling rides without getting too tired.

-Save Time

With the average American commute clocking in at 26 minutes and on the rise, the amount of time wasted traveling to work adds up. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Time is money”, and that statement has only become truer in years since. Riding an eBike gives you a chance to bypass a lot of the problems that make your commute longer. Using the bike lane helps you avoid the bumper-to-bumper traffic that’s so familiar to many daily drivers. With this extra time, some people have begun taking side jobs using their electric bike to make deliveries so they can get a bit of extra cash. That’s right. An eBike doesn’t just save you money, it can actually help you make money, too.

-Free Parking

Living in a big city can be truly wonderful, up until you have to look for parking. Not only do you have to park your car blocks away from where you want to go, you have to shell out for the parking machines. If you accidentally park somewhere you weren’t supposed to, or your meter runs out, you’re looking at a costly parking ticket. With an eBike, you never have to pay for parking again. All you need is a good bike lock and a sturdy bike rack and you’re all set. Saving cash without having to pay for parking adds up a lot!

-Affordable Upkeep

Cars are expensive, no matter how you look at it. Between spending a lot on it initially and how costly the repairs and upkeep get, you’re sure to be pouring a lot of your hard earned money into keeping it running. That doesn’t even factor in how much insurance and car payments are. An eBike has a lower upfront cost, which means even if you are making payments on it, they’ll be much less than what a car payment is. Additionally, it costs much less to keep your electric bike in good shape. Consider this — driving a car typically costs about 50 cents per mile, including gas, tires, and regular maintenance. In contrast, operating an eBike (including tires, battery replacement, maintenance, and electricity costs) comes out to just 18 cents per mile. While it might not seem like much, those cents stack up pretty quickly.

-Tax Incentives

With more and more emphasis being placed on reducing carbon footprints and adopting a green lifestyle, states have begun to offer tax credits to people who purchase eBikes. This is because eBikes help to reduce the overall pollution contributed by motor vehicles on a daily basis. It’s worth checking your state’s tax incentives to see if you can benefit from this new credit when tax season rolls around.

There are so many ways that an eBike can improve your life, but its financial benefits often get overlooked. We hope you’ve found this to be a valuable resource as you learn if an electric bike is right for you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at The eBike Store. Our staff is passionate about electric bicycles and they have the knowledge to help you make an informed decision. We even offer eBike rentals here in Portland if you would like to give one a test drive to see for yourself. We hope to see you here soon!

6 Tips for Keeping Your eBike Safe and Secure

While electric bikes have gotten more affordable over the years since their introduction, their price still makes them an investment that needs to be protected. To take care of your eBike, you might need to think through security a bit more than a standard bike would require. With that said, we’ve gathered six tips to help you keep your eBike safe and secure. At The eBike Store, we offer a wide range of eBike accessories, from locks and baskets to bags and helmets. Either stop by our shop in Portland or peruse our selection online to find the perfect accessory for your electric bike!

-Park in Public

It might be tempting to park your bike out of sight, but this makes it an ideal target for thieves. When they see something out of the public eye, it emboldens them to take it, as they know there won’t be witnesses to see them do it. Instead, choose a public place to park your eBike to deter thieves. Breaking a bike lock takes time and is much more difficult to do when there are a lot of people around. Avoid leaving your electric bike parked somewhere overnight, because even if you chose a highly-populated area, there will be fewer people watching at night, and the thief will have the cover of darkness to hide their efforts
When choosing a place to lock your bike up, stick to secure items where you can make it as difficult as possible to steal. Obviously, a bike rack that is solidly attached to the concrete will be your best bet. While a tree, street sign, or street light can be good options, you need to make sure your eBike can’t be lifted over the thing you attached it to. Parking meters are a bad option for this reason. A solid fence can work, but don’t choose a chain-link fence since it can easily be cut by an enterprising thief.

-Be Respectful

When choosing a public place to lock up your bike, it’s important to be respectful of people who will be walking by. Some spots may look good at first, but your bike might cause too much congestion in a high-traffic area. When your eBike is in the way of pedestrians on a sidewalk, it will put it in danger of getting knocked over and damaged. This is especially important to keep in mind when you’re locking up multiple bikes, as they can take up a lot of space.

-Lock Your Helmet

One of the ways you can make your bike more secure is by routing your bike lock through the vents of your helmet. Not only does that make it more difficult to break, it also keeps your helmet safe when you can’t bring it with you. While most people haven’t had their helmet stolen, it’s a good safety measure when you’re in an area where the risk of theft is high. It’s doubtful many people would really want to steal a used helmet, but it’s still a good idea to protect yourself and your things when you can.

-Detach Accessories

If your eBike has detachable accessories, it’s a good idea to remove them when you lock your bike up. Items like lights and displays are often easy to remove and small enough you can throw them in a messenger bag or backpack to take with you. It’s also a good idea to have a plan for how to carry items with you while you ride. Some locks come with an attachment you can install on your bike for easy storage, while other people use cargo bags or baskets. These items are helpful because they give you an option for storage so you don’t have to worry about juggling them while you ride.

-Different Locks

While it is definitely possible to use the same lock for all eBike security needs, you can use different ones for different situations. Use a sturdy, strong bike lock when you’re going to be parking for an extended period of time (like at work) to ensure its security. A lighter bike lock is a great option for short trips like errands, because you won’t be locking it up long enough for someone to steal it. This also reduces the weight you’re carrying on your ride, making for a more enjoyable trip. You can even keep your heavier lock at work so you don’t have to worry about hauling it back and forth every day.

-Serial Numbers/GPS Tracking

Beyond your standard bike locks, there are other security measures you should take to protect yourself and your property. The first of which is recording your electric bike’s serial number, which may be located on your bike at the rear wheel mount, seat tube, under crank, or head tube. When you have this easily accessible, you can provide it to the police in the event your eBike was stolen to make tracking it down much easier. Additionally, many eBikes have begun to add GPS tracking as an added security measure. Most of these programs are accessible through a smartphone or computer and show you exactly where your bike is on a map. If your eBike doesn’t have this functionality, it might be worth it to invest in an accessory to make tracking your bike easier.

It’s important to take the proper steps to secure your property and we hope you’ve found this to be a helpful resource. If you’re looking for a new, heavy-duty bike lock or you just want to see what kind of storage options are out there, check out The eBike Store’s selection. We carry eBike accessories and gear that will fit all of your needs. You can find more online or in our Portland storefront. We hope to see you soon!

Introducing: Specialized

The eBike Store is proud to announce we are now an official dealer of Specialized electric bicycles. As one of the few shops offering these incredible eBikes, we wanted to take some time today to check out what makes Specialized eBikes so special. If you want to test out just how cool these ebikes are, swing by The eBike Store in Portland today to take a test ride or rent one for a day on the town!


-About Specialized

Back in 1974, Specialized started making bikes, and they’ve been on the bleeding edge of the biking industry ever since. Priding themselves on being a company “Made for riders, by riders”, they’ve consistently evolved and changed their bikes to meet the needs of their riders. From doubling-down on the carbon in the frame to constructing their own wind tunnel to optimize their designs, Specialized has never rested on their laurels or said that something was “good enough”. They made the first production mountain bike, pushed to make higher quality tires, and have given back to the community with their Specialized Foundation, with a focus on helping kids succeed in school with cycling. A few years ago they threw their hat in the ring for the budding electric bike industry and they’ve been turning heads and changing minds from day one.

The eBike Store will be offering the Specialized Turbo Vado and Turbo Como in a few different models. The Turbo Vado will be available in 2.0, 3.0, and 6.0 varieties, while the Como will be available in 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0 models. Which one is the right one for you will come down to how many features you’re looking for. Entry level riders will likely get everything they need from the 2.0 models of each, but performance and perks come with each subsequent model. We’ll be taking a closer look at all of them in the coming weeks but in the meantime, come to The eBike Store today to take one for a test ride and see how great they are yourself!