Top eBike Brands For Sale At the eBike Store In Portland

In our last post, we put together a quick breakdown of the various eBike styles we carry here at Portland’s original and premier electric bike store, The eBike Store. From comfort and mountain eBikes to electric road bikes and eBikes with extra cargo space, we’ve got folks in Portland covered. Keep in mind we also have eBike parts and accessories, which were two sections we didn’t have time to highlight in detail in our previous post!

Today’s post ties in well with our last one; we’ll be highlighting the top electric bike brands we have available, along with what you should know about each brand. Let’s get going!


Benno eBikes are known for their marriage of simplicity and functionality, sacrificing neither for the other one’s sake. Designed to be practical (with superior cargo solutions, more gears, and a sporty yet comfortable ride), there is a lot to like about choosing a Benno electronic bike!


Gazelle has been producing bicycles for over 125 years! In that time, they’ve become known for their ability to construct a high-quality, comfortable, and lightweight bicycle design. Featuring low step-through frames and ease-of-use, we recommend looking into Gazelle comfort eBikes if you’d like to prioritize ensuring your next eBike trip around Portland is a pleasant one.


Raleigh Electric bikes are all about having fun. From 1887 to the present, they have a passion for going beyond mere practical function and want to make sure that everyone who gets on a Raleigh eBike will have a blast! Consider a Raleigh Electric bike for their eco-friendliness and travel efficiency as well.


Also known as Turbo E-Bikes, Specialized Electric Bikes expertly blend speed and style through their pioneering pedal assist motor, stylish design, and advanced electronics. Get up to 27.9 mph with some Specialized Turbo eBikes!


Stromer eBikes are known for their innovation and performance. Whether you are interested in the ST1, ST2, ST3, ST5, or any other of their electric bike models, the strength of their eBikes is found in their electric and mechanical components, software, and overall system integration. You’ll notice the quality the moment you start riding a Stromer!


Tern offers unique body styles and a brand that is truly committed to building a sustainable future based on their vision that the bicycle is the ultimate high-efficiency vehicle. They are a company that always strives to be sustainable, even in the finest details. For example, they minimize packaging, reduce the use of harmful chemicals such as chromium, and beyond.


Yuba is the proud maker of electric cargo bikes. They are a worldwide brand with a worldwide vision of bringing eBikes with storage space to all four corners of the globe. You don’t have to be a courier to find the value in owning an eBike with cargo space — whether it’s for groceries, children, or otherwise!

Come See Us Soon!

No matter which of these brands might catch your eye online, it’s about finding the one that fits best with your lifestyle. We’ll be happy to work with you to make sure you get the best of both worlds regarding comfort and function. Give us a call or stop by soon!

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