What Our Customers Are Saying about the eBike Store in Portland

Alright, let’s get one thing clear: today’s blog isn’t like most electric bike blogs you’ve read. Heck, it’s not like any of the ones we have written either. Why? Excellent question. It’s because today we take the opportunity to let our satisfied and loyal customers do a bit of marketing for us. As the title no doubt already gave away, we are highlighting customer reviews and testimonials in today’s post.

And before you close this tab, open a different app, or even tune out a bit — we are going to need your full and undivided attention, for your own good. Trust us.

Why Our Reputation Matters

Before we dive straight in, we’d like to tell you why we are doing this and how it is indeed worthwhile to read this curation of reviews we submit below.

For our part, we do plenty of marketing and blogging about ourselves. It’s a part of the business, and we are happy to do it because it lets folks who are looking for a great electric bike shop in Portland find exactly what they are looking for. However, pretty much every single eBike shop out there, in Portland or elsewhere, will tell you that they have the best rates, customer service, electric bike brands, staff… we digress.

Our point is we want our customers to do a bit of marketing for us. Not because we are lazy, but because of two other reasons. First, we are proud of our reputation. Second, what better way is there for our prospective customers to learn about what kind of electric bicycle shop The eBike Store is than to read the experiences of folks who were once in the very same shoes the aforementioned prospective customers are now wearing?

Whew. We kind of exhausted ourselves there with that last paragraph. But we hope you get our point; it takes one to know one. That’s why it’s well worth your while to keep reading, so go ahead and please do!

You’d Think I bought A Ferrari From Them

I’ve probably been to almost every single bike shop in Portland over the past year while purchasing a road bike and an e bike. This shop is hands down the best one I’ve encountered. Every employee I’ve worked with was super professional and knowledgeable, and if they didn’t know the answer to something they told me so, and then did the research and followed up with me. I mean they even greeted me as I walked in by name! You’d think I bought a Ferrari from them but I think they just value all of their customers. Check it out.” – Ryan C., Google Reviews, Five Stars

Ryan, what kind words! We are so happy you took the time to let us and others know how your experience was at The eBike Store. It’s also great to hear that our staff was helpful, even to the point of admitting what we didn’t know and then looking up the answer! Come by any time, Ryan!

He Is A Joy To Be Around

“I ride with Robert David Cyders and know his extent of knowledge and expertise as it relates to ebikes and Onewheels. He is a credit to the store and a(n) excellent human being. He is a joy to be around.” – Scott Buendia, Google Reviews, Local Guide, Five Stars

Friendly And Well Informed Staff

This is certainly a friendly and well informed staff.  I’m really impressed that they rent bicycle(s) too; possibly something I should have considered before buying.” – Brennan R., Google Review, Local Guide, Five Stars

Brennan, it’s great to hear your experience with us was positive. It’s also great to see those five stars next to your review! And yes, you can rent electric bicycles in Portland at The eBike Store. There is a wide range of eBike brands to choose from, each with their own strengths. We encourage you to try several out before purchasing so you can find the one that is right for you — just like Brennan implied!

If You Haven’t Tried Riding An eBike Recently, Do it!

E-bikes are fun! My wife and I dropped into this store to check out an e-bike for my mother in law. Robert gave us a tour of his shop and we had a great time! We each ended up riding 3 different bikes. All of them were comfortable, easy to ride, and FAST! The prices, while not cheap, were very reasonable considering you can ride one of these bikes to work every day, beat traffic, and never pay for gas, vehicle maintenance, or parking. Definitely worth the investment in my opinion. If you haven’t tried riding an e-bike recently, do it! They’re fun!” – Colin S., Google Reviews, Five Stars

We wanted to include Colin’s review for a few different reasons. First and foremost, Colin loves eBikes and wants everyone else to discover the natural joy that comes from riding a pedal-assist eBike around town! But beyond that, Colin described a few of the many benefits that electric bikes have, from saving on gas money to beating traffic jams! Thanks for taking the time to let us know how we are doing, Colin.

“Truly Great Customer Service”

“One day around Christmas time, randomly I received something in the mail from with eBike Store on the envelope. I opened the mysterious package, only to find out a miniature OneWheel ornament for the tree inside, with a nice handwritten note wishing me happy holidays and following up on my experience with the OneWheel thus far. This put a huge smile on my face.

Purchased a OneWheel from these guys. Been loving it ever since! The customer service was great throughout, with constant updates about the status of my order (at the time there was a 3-4 week wait).

I’ve never bought something from a store, and received a handwritten note about it half a year later. Truly great customer service. Can’t wait to buy more things from the eBike Store! Maybe an actual bike someday soon 🙂” – Vlad S., Google Reviews, Five Stars

Vlad, your review of The eBike Store brought a smile to our collective face! When we hear that the little details (like a handwritten note or an ornament gifted) really do make a difference, we can’t help but grin and say we love doing what we do! We hope you are enjoying your OneWheel, and be sure to rent and/or buy your next electric bike at our downtown Portland bike shop!

Come Visit Us Soon!

If you can make it over to our downtown Portland eBike store, we’d love to see you stop by! We’d be happy to help answer any questions you might have, as we hope the above reviews exemplified. If you aren’t able to make it in, just give us a call! In the meantime, be sure to browse our selection of name-brand electric bikes for sale and rent!

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